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ARCGEN Powermaker 6DV

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  • 03-03-2020
ARCGEN Powermaker 6DV

Arcgen Powermaker 6dv

ArcGen combine the latest technology and customer insight, these machines are re-owned for unrivalled build quality, flexibility and safe operation.

The brushless generator helps to regulate voltage and current thereby preventing surges and extending thhe life of the machine.

Other Power Ratings:
Based on brand ArcGen

Product Information

This generator easily meets the latest noise level legislation as outline by directive 2000/14/EC for noise emissions in highly populated ares or where noise has to be kept to a minimum.

Suitable for use across a range of industries, the Powermaker 6DV supplies both voltages up to a maximum output at the same time giving the user the ability to have 230V and 115V output simultaneously for other site tools to be used. 

Dimensions (mm)1170 x 670 x 805
Auxiliary Output Continuous5.5 kVA
Auxiliary Output Standby6.1 kVA
Sound Powerlevel60
Average Sound Pressure Leisure62db(A)
Engine TypeKubota Z482 2 Cylinder water cooled
Fuel Tank Capacity25 litres
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load
2 litres
Running Time12.5 hours
Wet Weight265kg

Optional Specifications

Petrochemical Specification

Spark arrestor

Chalwyn valve

Offshore Specification

Spark arrestor

Chalwyn valve

Drip tray

Fuel water trap

Emergancy stop button

Anti-static fan belt

Braided Fuel Lines

Battery isolator switch

Fuel isolator shut off valve

Safety Features

Auto Engine Shutdown: This operates in the event of low oil pressure, high water temperature, thermal overload, insufficient speed or with door opening for enhanced safety

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakerfitted for increased site safety


Offshore Specification

Road towable trailer or wheelbarrow trolley

Chalwyn valve

Spark Arrestor

Forklift pockets


Super silent operation reduces noise pollution

Water cooled Kubota engine or enhanced reliability and longevity

Multi-voltage output available simultaneously

Compact and Lightweight available trolley mounted or on fast tow road trailer

Standby duty rating of 6.1kW continuous duty rate of 5.5kW at a power factor of 1.0

AVR controlled providing three phase voltage regulation of +/- 1.5%

Brushless generator reduces maintenance costs

Hardwire facility for use with distribution boards

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