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Diesel Generator Uses

A diesel generator is used as a back-up power supply if there is a power outage, or the grid power doesn't reach your location, leaving you with poor, or non-existent power.

You may expect them to make a lot of noise; however, they run with silent operation and can run for hours at a time. 

The energy is generated using the diesel fuel and can power your electrical appliances in your home, including lighting, cooking equipment and heating. They can also be used for work and commercial purposes, for example at a construction site to power tools and in an office for computers and phones.

Choosing the right size generator to buy is so important. Generators are measured by their power output, in wattage; a small generator has a low wattage, and a large generator has a high wattage.

The power output must meet your electrical requirements; otherwise, problems may be caused. If you buy a generator that is too large, you will be overpaying for the generated energy that you aren't using. If you buy a generator that is too small, your appliance will under-perform and your generator may over-heat. 

Here at IWS Generator Hire, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we are one of the UK's largest independent suppliers of new and used generators. We provide a wide range of brands of diesel, inverter, standby, petrol, welder, commercial and industrial generators for you to choose from.

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