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Do You Need A Generator For A Marquee Wedding

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  • 02-12-2021
Do You Need A Generator For A Marquee Wedding

Do you need a generator for a marquee wedding? If you organise or plan weddings, you will want to know about the power required to host a successful wedding. We look at the power required for an outdoor marquee wedding.

More and more couples every year choose to host their wedding outside, moving away from the traditional church wedding. With Coronavirus continuing to be a threat and restrictions starting and stopping, there is a higher demand for outdoor weddings.

This also means that more people need generators and power supply for their weddings.

Do You Need A Generator For A Marquee Wedding?

How Do I Power My Outdoor Wedding?

While you don't want to think about electricity when planning your special day, if you've opted for an outdoor wedding, it's, unfortunately, something you have to consider.

Thankfully, your options are straightforward and flexible for your requirements.

This technique requires you to plug in an extension lead to your domestic plug sockets, which is ideal for smaller events near your home. If you're hosting the reception in your garden marquee, for example, then this is more achievable than one happening by a lakeside.

You should note that each socket can only power a specific number of appliances and has a maximum electrical output, so you should be careful not to overwhelm the circuits. If you ignore this, you can damage the home main supply and cause more problems than you're solving.

A circuit breaker should protect any extension cable you buy. This will protect the lead from damage and an overflowing current. Any water that pierces the skin of the cable can cause sparks and power outages, and if live wiring is touching other metal, this can easily cause bodily harm.

In the case of a wedding venue, the marquee frame will most likely be made of aluminium, which can still conduct electricity. If a live wire comes into contact with that, the entire thing becomes live and electrically charged. 

Your second option for outside wedding events is to connect directly to the fuse board. While small weddings won't benefit from this as much, nothing is stopping them from doing this. Medium-sized weddings will benefit more, as the power can be more easily distributed among caterers, lighting, heating and other appliances.

To assess if your home is capable of such power, you should consult an electrician for an inspection. The work should always be carried out by a professional regardless, as a 32A socket with an inbuilt Residual Current Device (RCD) will be installed. Marquees can then have a distribution board installed to supply the power to the needed parties.

Unlike using your domestic plug sockets, which can involve much more wiring, connecting directly to your fuse board can keep cable management much more accessible. This means that faults are easier to spot and fix. You don't want to have a power cut during the speeches and have to track down the source of the issue.

Perhaps the most common supplier of electricity to outdoor weddings, generators are used for any sized event. They are, however, much more expensive. The costs won't matter to many as they want reliable energy for their wedding, but this is still an investment to consider before jumping in.

As many wedding ceremonies and receptions are held away from home, and sometimes in incredibly remote situations, you have no choice but to hire a generator. There is no main line to piggyback off, so you need a primary power supply.

If you've never hired a generator before, then it can be daunting to do so. Specialist companies such as ourselves have experience in generator hire for outdoor weddings and can begin to explain your options to you.

You'll need to provide information about the size of the desired event, the intended powered devices, appliances and equipment and an understanding that you will have to top up with fuel and oil. All of this can be explained to you in more detail; simply give us a call today.

Common Problems

Navigating the tricky world of marquee and generator hire can be challenging, and many companies will leave the electrical needs up to the customer. This means that if you hire a marquee, you will be left alone to hire a generator. Some companies won't allow you to hire if you plan on using a generator, so be sure to check their website before making any purchases.

People using extension leads that aren't waterproof is a recurring problem or thinking you can plug an extension lead into another, only resulting in a power outage at the most crucial moment. Or, in worse situations, fires and guests being burnt or shocked.

When in doubt, get a professional to install anything electrical, and be sure they are qualified to be doing the work.


We don't just advise you to get a professional in the name of safety, as you also have legal requirements to abide by.

The 2008 Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems outlines all management, design and operation of any temporary electrical systems, including weddings.

To protect yourself legally and have your generator installed safely, be sure you enlist the help of a professional service. 


How Much Power Does Your Wedding Require?

To begin assessing how much power your wedding will require, you should start by noting down everything that will need electricity.

This means the catering team, the band or DJ, the lighting and heating, camera or sound teams, etc. If you need further clarification on each unit or team, you should contact the supplier and ask for the right power output numbers.

After you have a total, you should begin your search for generators that provide more output, perhaps even double.

A good rule of thumb is that the average circuit is 2000 watts (15-20 amps), so you can begin to understand how much power will be needed.


Here's a rough list for a smaller-scale wedding, so you can begin to get an understanding of numbers:

  • Food Warmers require approximately ten amps each.
  • Tent lights will be five amps each.
  • DJ Equipment minimum of ten amps, but will be upwards of that without a doubt.
  • Dance floor lighting anywhere between five and ten amps. 

Of course, as you begin to add more appliances, you will need more amps being outputted. Not all of this should be done by yourself, and you can expect many generator hire companies to provide the details for you and work through the process alongside you. 

Why Hire A Power Generator?

When you envision a power generator, you may think of a large and unsightly tower or machine. While that may be true for bigger operations, the type of generator required for your wedding event can be much more manageable yet provide large amounts of power.

Nothing is stopping you from hosting your wedding reception adjacent to another property or outside your home in a marquee, as then you can syphon power without a generator. However, you're sacrificing having a dream location for lower costs. Imagine your marquee on a lakeside, in a beautiful area of woodland that means a great deal to you and your partner, and you also have power thanks to a generator.

Generators are quieter and sleeker than ever before, and they can be installed and power your event for anywhere upwards of 6-8 hours. All you need to do is ensure that the oil and fuel are topped up and the output doesn't exceed the maximum. The rest leaves you with peace of mind for reliable power.


Buying VS Hiring

We won't lie to you and say that generators are cheap because they can be costly. Large units can cost you anywhere upwards of £10,000, and then you need to ensure that you have sufficient fuel. However, such an investment is wise for your wedding, as you only get one shot at it!

Hiring a generator will always provide more value than buying one unless you see yourself regularly hosting large events or moving into event planning. You can contact a generator hire company with the promise of delivery, and then it will be collected by professionals after the event is over. The process can be incredibly easy for you!

As many larger generators require separate fuel tanks alongside the main unit, this can take up more space than you originally realised. They must be installed outside and away from any potential fire hazards, as the oils and fuel used are highly flammable. However, powering your event with ease is a benefit you will not regret.

If you're undecided, please feel free to get in contact with our team. We can advise you on the best course of action and get your generator delivered to you as soon as possible, giving you power for your big wedding day.

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