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Every Household Should Have This

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  • 08-07-2021
Every Household Should Have This

Reasons Every Household Should Have a Portable Generator

Are you looking for the reasons every household should have a portable generator? We look at the benefits of having a power generator at home and how much power you will need.

Why you may need a power generator

Power outages or blackouts can occur through many factors such as weather conditions, including lightning, strong winds, ice, etc. 

Other factors may include maintenance or simple faults or breaks in power lines. Whatever the reason may be, you'll be left without electricity, and this leaves you with a plethora of issues, such as being left in the dark, possibly even for days.

Reasons Every Household Should Have a Portable Generator

Portable Power

Without access to power from the grid, you need portable power; this generally comes in the form of a portable generator. Portable power grants you the capability to power your essentials such as appliances, equipment or tools. 

Portable generators are often powered through fuel sources such as gas, propane, diesel, etc. and come in various sizes with different outlet options. Due to the nature of portable power, it is highly advised they are placed outdoors due to emissions and fumes.

Keep Food from Going Bad

Without power, your refrigerator no longer has the capability to keep your food fresh or frozen, allowing your food to go bad. 

For many people, this is a lot of waste, not only in terms of food but in terms of money and won't allow you to store any additional food until the problem is rectified. 

Portable generators offer a quick solution to providing power to your appliances and can quite often be purchased and set up fast enough to prevent any food wastage.

To power an Electric Car

The number of electric car owners is growing rapidly; without power, your means of transport dwindle. 

Electric cars primarily rely on electricity. You may need this electricity for an abundance of reasons, including responsibilities and commitments such as work, acquiring backup power, groceries, school dropoffs, etc. 

Having backup power such as a portable generator allows your car to become once again mobile, giving you that added mobility you need in such dire situations or emergencies as well as getting you back to your daily routines.

To power a Sump Pump in the Basement

Sump pumps are used to clear away any excess water or prevent flooding; however, thunderstorms, floods, and power outages work hand in hand. 

Situations can easily get out of hand when these disasters cause your power to go down, which in turn allows the situation to worsen due to your sump pump no longer having power.  

Flooding can also cause other electrical risks and damage to your home, which can end up costing you more money than a simple generator. A portable generator solves both issues, providing you with power to not only your sump pump but general power to your necessities too.

If you Use Well Water

While many use municipal water systems which run without power, some use well water. This means power is needed to effectively pump the water and transport it to the desired location. 

Losing power in some circumstances can also mean losing water, and portable power is an efficient and effective method of regaining those necessities.   

For Remote DIY

Portable power grants you freedom from the limitations of the power grid while still maintaining a relatively similar level of output you wouldn't get from batteries. 

For example, this is particularly beneficial if you frequently use or rely on power tools. Portable power allows you to charge more and faster than other similar solutions such as batteries while also not tethering you to a power outlet or heading to your house to recharge; overall, just improving your work with power tools.

If you live in a Fire-Risk Zone

Utility companies, for varying reasons, are forced to or will generally shut off power in fire-risk areas to prevent additional risks in high-risk situations such as strong winds, etc. 

Having a portable generator on hand will grant you power throughout these hours or periods.

For Camping trips

Camping trips often keep you away from power outlets, while generally the idea; having a portable generator can mean charging your phones in an emergency, powering a mini-fridge, lights, a motorboat, or other emergency or camping based electrical devices to enhance the experience.

If you run a Home Business

Consistency, among other things, is important for any company, and a power outage can become a huge hindrance to this; no power can mean missed opportunities, upset customers, alterations to how your customers view you, missed business interactions or customer purchases, and more. 

A portable generator can be an effective safety net in saving what could be costly or detrimental to your company.

To keep your Electric Medical Device working

Whether you or a family member is dependent on an electronic medical device, simply put, that device will need power and, without it, can be life-threatening. 

A portable generator can be an effective safety net to what could be deadly or detrimental to a family member or your health.

To manage during Extreme Heat

Utility companies, for varying reasons, are forced to or will generally shut off power in fire-risk areas to prevent additional risks in high-risk situations such as extreme heat or humid weather. 

Having a portable generator on hand will grant you power throughout these periods and keep you cool in potentially health-threatening situations due to exhaustion or heat-related problems.  

Disaster preparedness

Generators are an effective and commonly relied upon safety net, especially in terms of emergencies. 

An important, easily portable source of power in many situations, whether it's when the power goes out or to power necessities such as food banks, life support or other health-related machines, provide heat during a blizzard and more. 

Power can simply be the difference between life and death; power generators provide that power while being easily accessible, reliable and portable.

Routine Power Outages

Whatever the reason may be, you may have scheduled power outages; a backup or portable generator can provide you power throughout these periods, keeping food fresh, allowing you to get on with routines, run your business or give you access to certain luxuries you're used to. 

There are many reasons you may require power, and generators are a great solution to this without the need to be connected to the power grid.   

Fairs and Carnivals

Portable generators provide power to outdoor electronics that generally may not have access to an outlet or power due to their usual locations. 

Power generators are generally the solution to this, providing power to carnival or Christmas lights, rides, bouncy castles, certain food options such as candy floss or shaved ice, music, etc.

Powering Automatic garage doors

Automatic doors, whether it be for security reasons or other reasons, won't open without power, meaning depending on what side of the door you're on, you can be left trapped or without access. 

If you don't have the strength or mobility to access the emergency handle, you can be a part of the statistic of yearly deaths due to this exact issue. Portable generators provide a safety net to this exact scenario and provide the door with power, untrapping you and granting you access.   

Heating Your Home

Whether it be for luxury or to prevent life-threatening issues, portable generators can provide heat when the power goes out. In extremely cold situations, depending on how cold or the condition of the inhabitants, especially the elderly, these situations can be detrimental or even deadly to health.  

Portable generators provide a safety net to this exact scenario and provide enough power to heat your home throughout the power outage. Certain temperatures can also freeze pipes or cause other issues or costly damages.

Keep Home Security Devices Working

Without power, all your electronics go down; this can mean your security devices too. During city or area-wide power outages, homes are easily targeted due to the lack of security devices such as noise detectors being operational.  

Emergency generators provide a safety net to this exact scenario and provide power to all your security devices, whether that be automated gates, prevention devices, lights, noise detectors or your cameras, keeping your household safe and protected during those moments.   

What Is An Emergency Generator?

Emergency generators are a solution or safety net to scenarios where you wouldn't have access to power. Most models of standby generators provide the built-in feature of detecting when power has been lost and will automatically turn themselves on to prevent any issues occurring from loss of power.

Another type of emergency generator is a portable generator; generally smaller and more transportable, taking it away from your home, whether on camping trips or providing power to a fair. Portable generators rely on fuel or natural gas, so they're easily accessible and can provide power in unexpected or unprepared scenarios instead of standby generators that are generally professionally permanently installed.

All types are emergency generators will need to be placed outside your home due to fumes and other factors. If you are still unsure as to which type of emergency generator is right for you, you can use a wattage generator to calculate certain factors relevant to you as well as other tips you may need.

How Much Power Do You Need For a Household Generator?

If you're looking to seamlessly replicate the power your home is used, then an average of around 5,000 watts is needed. If you're looking for more specific applications or uses, then we have provided a list of common appliances and equipment below: 

Refrigerator: 800watts
Phone charger: 20watts
Air conditioner: 1000watts

You can also use a wattage calculator to find the average wattage of other appliances and calculate how much you'll need on average as well gas to wattage rates, tips and how much money you can expect to pay.

How Much Power Do You Need For a Household Generator

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