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How do you prepare for a power cut

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  • 07-06-2021
How do you prepare for a power cut

Have you ever wondered: How do you prepare for a power cut? If you want to know how to prepare for a power cut we have created a complete guide to keeping power on during an outage.

Power cuts, like other household emergencies, can severely disrupt your schedule if you haven't prepared for them. On the other hand, sufficient preparations can help with minimising the impact of such a disruption. Make a list of all the items in your home that require electricity. 

Check you have plenty of batteries or power banks and have a torch for each person in your household. If you have a landline telephone, make sure it will still work if there is a power cut and how long the backup battery will last. 

What Is A Power Cut?

A power cut is when a neighbourhood, a home or a commercial building has a loss of electricity for some time. 

What Causes Power Outages?

Excessive rain, flooding, lightning, and strong winds can damage equipment and power lines causing a power cut. Workers can damage power lines which can also cause a power outage. 

Types of Power Cuts

Permanent Fault

In most cases, a permanent fault is caused by a problem with the power line. In many cities and more modern settings, power lines are often buried underground to minimise accidents. 

In the UK, with all our rural locations and old towns, where we use many power lines and high poles, it can be a major problem. 

Short Term Power Outage

A short term power outage usually happens when a mild storm hits a specific geographical area or when power companies experience problems. Although short term power outages can last for several minutes or a few hours, you should always make sure you are prepared for them. 

One of the biggest dangers is when electric short circuits, this issue can put your family in danger and your property. 

Long Term Power Outage

A long term power outage can be highly challenging for everybody, no matter how well prepared they are. 

A severe natural disaster like severe winds and flooding can cause a long-term power outage. These types of situations are when you are likely to need to hire a portable power generator to power your home or business until power is resumed fully. 

Long term power outages are mainly unexpected; therefore, you should make sure you are well prepared in advance. 

Dealing With A Power Blackout

It is highly recommended that you prepare for power cuts well in advance, even if you live in an area that isn't prone to adverse weather. 

Power cuts can catch us all off guard, which is why preparation is best practice. If a power blackout occurs and you haven't prepared, you need to take immediate action. Some teams of specialists can help. It is handy to have their number on your mobile phone. 

How do you prepare for a power cut?

How to Prepare – Emergency Essentials

Regardless of whether the power outage is expected to be long or short, you should always make sure you have some essential items at hand. 

Firstly, you should have enough fresh drinking water; this equates to a gallon per person per day. Next, you should have canned food and edible food that has a long shelf life. If possible, or if needed, you can always cook on a camping stove or charcoal ( make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and are well versed in their use beforehand). Canned foods like beans can be eaten hot or cold, so think about provisions along those lines. 

Other items you might require are:

  • Warm clothes to wear in layers
  • Ice
  • Coolers
  • Paper plates, forks, knives, and spoons (to save up on essential water)
  • Lightsticks or glow sticks
  • Sanitation supplies (antibacterial solutions, baby wipes)
  • Bin bags

Purchasing a Generator for an Emergency

When a power failure happens, it can be catastrophic for our well-being and homes and businesses if you live in an area prone to power cuts or are just worried about the effects of a power outage can have on you. 

It is worth purchasing a portable emergency generator. If you contact IWS Generator, they will be happy to give you all the advice and information you require. 

If you want to know the best way to prepare for a power cut find out more about having an emergency generator available. You can find out more about our generators for sale by following the link below.