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Commercial and Industrial Generators

Our company has over 30 years of experience in the generator industry, and we are now one of the leading independent suppliers in the UK for new and used generators.

Over the years, we have gained exceptional knowledge and understanding of generators, which means we can help you with anything you need.The size of the generator you buy must suit your business's power requirements.

The size of a generator is measured by wattage; small generators have a low wattage, and large generators have a high wattage. If you buy a larger generator than you need, you'll be overpaying for the unused energy, and if you buy a smaller generator than you need, it could overheat.

About Commercial and Industrial Generators

Generators are used as backup power systems for when there is a grid power outage, or the grid power doesn't reach your location. They are used to power your electrical appliances either for your business, or at home, and can be used in many different industries, so you don't need to rely on mains electricity.  

For example, generators can power your equipment and tools at construction sites, your computers, lighting and heating in your office, tills and fridges in shops, and for leisure trips such as camping and caravanning. As long as you buy the right generator to meet your power output needs, they are the most reliable option.

What do we offer?

Here, we offer excellent customer service, high-quality products, free home-delivery, installation, order support, sales advice, professional solutions to your generator problems, and much more.We have commercial, industrial, standby, portable, inverter and welder generators here at IWS Generator Hire, that all come in a wide range of brands, models and fuel types.

These include propane, natural gas, diesel and oil, which you can choose from, to find the best suited to you.If you would like to find out more information about the services we offer, please search our website or contact us today via phone call or email. Our friendly team are always available to help an give you expert advice and tips regarding your generators.

 If you are looking for reliable  generators for sale, we provide the best brands with UK wide delivery.

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