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  • 03-03-2020

Pramac GSL42D

Covering a large power range that goes from 10 to 830kVA , the GS generating sets are engineered and manufactured to be sturdy and user-friendly. Guaranteeing high quality standards and offering a full list of additional options , the GS series fulfills the requirements of several applications, with high reliability and excellent performance.

Other Power Ratings:
Based on brand PraMac

Unfortunately we do not sell different powered generators under this brand. However, we do recommend similar products which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Product Information

Single fluid for both cooling and lubrication, the GSL series is one of the best choices to work for continuous duty in severe hot weather conditions such as in tropical areas. Available both in an open and soundproof version, these generating sets are highly appreciated in the telecommunications, construction and defence sectors due to their durability and reliability.

Great performance from these oil cooled engine generators, offering reliable power with easy installation. The GSL series are perfect for locations not connected to a main power supply.

Dimensions (mm)2000 x 920 x 1310
Auxiliary Output Continuous38 kVA
Auxiliary Output Standby41 kVA
Sound Powerlevel92
Average Sound Pressure Leisure66db(A)
Engine TypeBF4M2011 4 cylinder oil cooled
Fuel Tank Capacity68 litres
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load
9.31 litres
Running Time7.5 hours
Dry Weight824kg

Safety Features

Control panel protected by a door with a lockable handle

Protection with alarm which indicares low fuel level, battery charger failure, low oil pressure, high engine temperature and an possible earth fault

Mechianical Shutdowns performed when there is low fuel level, battery charger failure, low oil pressure, high engine temperature and circuit breaker protection

Extra Information

The Load Transfer Switch (LTS) panel operates the power supply change over between the generator and the Mains in backup applications, guarantying the feedingto the load within a short period of time.It consists of a standalone cabinet which can be installed separate from the generatingset. The logic control of the power supply changeover is operated by means of theAutomatic Control panel mounted on the generating set, so therefore none logicdevice is required on the LTS panel.


Cylinder naturall aspirated in-line engines

Integrated oil-cooling

Acoustically optimized crankcase

Dry air cleaner with mechanical restriction indicator

Fuel Filter

Digital DSR controls the range of voltage avoiding any possible trouble

2/3 pitch design avoids excessive neutral currents sometimes seen with higher winding pitches

Impregnation is mae with premium tropicalised expoxy resins by a vacuum so the insulation level is always good

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