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Are you looking for reliable standby generator sales or an installation? Our business, IWS Generator, provides quality generators from the best-known brands throughout the UK. Get in touch, call us today or contact us via email, and we will be happy to provide you with any advice, information or free quotes of our services and the generators and equipment we supply. 

Standby Generator FAQ

When the primary power source fails is when we use the backup generator. It is the only time it is ever put to use, especially when the main power supply requires a temporary switch overpower. Knowing that this is the case, it is still imperative to ensure the generator is of the correct size to fit your own needs and requirements.

ATS panels are to use to facilitate this transfer from the mains to the initial standby power generator. The ATS sends a servicing signal to the generator to turn it on immediately after a failure. It strives to match the correct frequencies and voltage power to prevent any sudden drops. ATS panels are automatic; they may take a few seconds and may delay but not to any extent where they cause lasting problems or difficulties.

On average, the standard standby generator set can last 10,000 to 30,000 hours. Even though a service vehicle's life expectancy in good condition and has been well-maintained is around 5000. However, standby generators may only operate between 26 hours on some occasions, perhaps if they get minimal outages or short bursts of exercise.  

Overall, this depends mainly on the number of power outages and their duration. If they are highly durable and long-lasting, then a petrol or diesel generators may run for hundreds of hours a year. It could likely last you 20-30 years, in this case, if you keep up regular maintenance so that its lifespan exceeds expectations. 

Apart from some problems and factors, you may run into, yes, you can run a generator overnight. Most generators you buy can run for over 8 hours before eventually needing their fuel emptying and tanks refilling.

The three main problems you may encounter are CO detectors; if you do not have a CO detector or alarm to sense any carbon monoxide. It is colourless, tasteless and odourless, so warnings are needed to detect it in the air. If you have one of these installed to cover this, you should be fine; however, it is best to invest in one quickly should you not have one.

Noise can be a problem if you cannot cope with noise during the night and invest in a quiet generator. Security may also be an issue for you, be sure you live in a secure area or safe neighbourhood if you are thinking about running your generator overnight. 

cannot be excessively run as they desire shut-off time to work efficiently. It all depends on the machine type and model as to how long it can run. Small generators only run for 11-18 hours a day, whether they use propane fuel or natural gas. Generac generators that run on propane can last up to 24 hours and sometimes an entire week. When considering a generator's durability, the most important thing is to keep it maintained well, and it should last longer.

We can use standby generators throughout many public and private properties. They help and offer a support backup power supply when the main power fails. These generators are used in large buildings holding a lot of people. It includes properties such as hotels, hospitals, apartment blocks and restaurants.  Standby generators are safety systems that must always be able to work. A standby generator can switch on automatically whenever the power fails as a backup system. When the mains power returns, the standby generator will automatically switch itself off to provide power from the electrical supply.

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