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What Are The Uses Of a Silent Generator

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  • 01-04-2021
What Are The Uses Of a Silent Generator

What are the uses of a silent generator?

Do you want to learn more about the common uses of a silent generator? We look below at the many uses of a silent generator and why a silent generator may be right for you.

Do I need a Silent Generator?

There are many possible uses for the uses of silent generators, including:

Using Power While Camping:

When camping outdoors, this is usually a great experience for everyone. There might be a few reasons you go camping, such as a festival or just a simple meetup, but that doesn't mean you need to be uncomfortable outside.

Using a silent generator can greatly benefit the user, such as having lights, music, and other entertainment while out.

 The silent generator also means you are less likely to get complaints from any other nearby campers as long as you choose quiet generators, good and reliable. No one wants to hear a loud generator when trying to relax.

Back-Up Business Power Supply:

If a business office loses power, it can cut the company off work for an unknown time. Having a back-up generator handy, they can take over from the main power in an instant and keep things running for a short time.

 This can be handy for preserving any servers which are being used while you shut them down correctly.

Outdoor Weddings:

Having a wedding outside is a good choice but can also be limiting with the amount of energy that can be supplied and the number of outlets available. The silent generator will give you some lights and produce enough power for various entertainment types. 

Lighting A Horse Stable:

Commonly, the lighting found in most stables is relatively low or non-existent, but using a standard generator is not preferred due to the amount of noise it makes, scaring the animals. Using a silent generator, you minimize the noise created and provide power and lighting to the stable. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose A Silent Generator

There are many reasons that you should use a silent generator instead of regular generators. Including:

Keep Your Customers Happy:

Many companies use back-up generators to provide power for when a blackout occurs. Many generators could provide power in a restaurant, but using a silent generator would be beneficial. This is to reduce the noise created and have an impact on your customers' mood. 

Maintaining A Natural Ambience:

Some camping sites provide generators for their guests. This is for things like outdoor equipment and entertainment like music. A silent generator will provide the power requirements without creating noise and disturbing them during their camping experience. 

Providing Power To Events In Remote Locations:

A few event companies rely on portable generators to provide power in outdoor events when they cannot get power from the mainline. Although each event has different power requirements, they can use generators to provide these in most cases.

 Using a silent generator will reduce the chance of it interfering with the guests while providing them with all power requirements.

Less Disturbing For Patients At Hospital:

A hospital is responsible for many patients and their recovery. They must ensure they keep the noise to a minimum to assist with their recovery.

Generators are used all over the hospital in an emergency, such as a power cut. Silent generators will assist in providing all the power you require while reducing the noise to a minimum. 

Reducing Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution can be an issue as creating too much noise is against the law. Many construction and maintenance firms use a generator to provide power for their tools and equipment when they don't have access to the main power. Doing construction or maintenance in a residential area will always create noise that cannot be helped.

However, a loud generator will add to this noise and aggravate the other residents. This is why many firms use silent generators to provide lower noise pollution while keeping the generator effective. 

What are the uses of a silent generator?

What's The Difference Between Super-Silent And Ultra-Silent?

These two types of modes for generators are mainly dependant on what they are being used for, such as construction or events. The terms ultra and super silent refers to the difference in noise levels which is measured in decibels.


For reference, a normal conversation is usually around 50 decibels, and a car engine is 120 decibels. When talking about a super silent mode, the decibels can be around 69 decibels.


when talking about the ultra-silent mode, the decibels can reach 59 decibels on many machines. This might not seem like much, but the sounds are not much higher than talking which is beneficial at events and construction sites.

 Also, these can change depending on the make and model of the generator you get. 

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